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The Sinners

2020 / 96m - Canada
The Sinners poster

A fun teen flick with a dark twist. It reminded me a bit of late 90s films like The Craft, though it's not quite as frilly or commercial. It does lose steam in the second half and the big reveal is a bit of a bust, but there's more than enough quality here to keep genre fans entertained for a good 90 minutes.

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In an extremely religious village, 7 girls have formed a little group where each of them represents a different sin. When one of them rats out the others to the local priest, they want to teach her a lesson. They steal her diary and gang up on her, but they take the hazing too far, and a prank leaves the girl dead in the woods.

The styling is nice enough, the pacing is solid and the setup has plenty of potential. The payoff isn't quite as impressive though. The horror elements feel too restrained and the little twist at the end is rather predictable. The Sinners is a nice bit of genre filler though, better than I expected.