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Call Boy

2018 / 119m - Japan
Drama, Romance
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Frank and direct drama about a boy who becomes a call boy in order to get a grip on his emotional life. Well acted, beautifully shot and intruiging from start to finish. Miura has been making interesting films for a while now, he finally took the next step and made a small masterpiece. Probably a bit too direct for some, but definitely a worthwhile drama.

Solid pieces


2016 / 97m - Japan
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A post-coming-of-age drama that focuses on young adults and their hunt for jobs. While some of the featured Japanese hunting routines may be a bit alien to the rest of the world, the insecurities, doubts and emotions of the characters should feel familiar enough. A fine drama that lacks a little drive, but impresses nonetheless.

The City of Betrayal

Uragiri no Machi
2016 / 132m - Japan
The City of Betrayal poster

A very decent drama from Miura. The City of Betrayal sounds like a great title for a crime thriller, but in fact Miura's talking about betrayal in the romantic sense. The film follows two couples (one younger, one middle-aged) where the younger man and the middle-aged woman start an affair together.

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The film explores the three relationships up close, but doesn't seem very willing to give clear reasons for the adultery (which is a good thing). A certain restlessness and ennui seems to lie at the basis, but the individuality of the characters and the general complexity of human relations are never taken for granted.

Performances are great, with Terajima and Ikematsu doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Stylistically the film's a bit more basic, which kept me from giving it a higher rating. It's not bad, just very by the numbers. A more than solid drama though, that handles its subject with great care and respect.

Boys on the Run

Bôizu on za Ran
2010 / 114m - Japan
Comedy, Drama
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