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Alice in Wonderland

1949 / 76m - UK
Fantasy - Animation
Alice in Wonderland poster

Early feature-length adaptation of Alice in Wonderland that blends live action with animation (stop-motion). While it sounds interesting enough on paper, the result is pretty dreadful. The animation is basic, the songs are horrific, and the fantastical elements simply don't translate at all.

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The story is a pretty safe take on Lewis Carroll's famous story. Alice falls down the rabbit hole (like she always does) and has to find a way to escape the wondrous country she finds herself in. On her trip she'll meet tons of peculiar characters, who (may or may not) help her find the exit.

It probably doesn't help that I've seen countless other Alice in Wonderland adaptation already. To see the same story done in subpar animation, sporting ugly puppet design, poor live action performances and crummy songs just isn't too appealing. There's an ounce of stop-motion charm, but it's not enough to save this film.