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Alive and kicking



2020 / 88m - UK
Caveat poster

A dark and unsettling little horror film. With a very limited cast and a single location, Mc Carthy relies on a meticulous build-up, stellar sound design, a creepy location and some prime props to make his film stand out. And boy is he successful, if you like a good slowburner that is.

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Isaac is short on cash, his landlord makes him a weird deal he cannot refuse. He is paid good money to take care of the man's niece, who lives in a remote house and suffers from a mental affliction. Isaac accepts the offer, but once they arrive at the house there happen to be a few other caveats.

The little bunny contraption is genius, the setting is uncanny and the lead actors do a great job. There are some unnecessary flashbacks in the middle and it might've been better if the film had left a few more things unexplained, but the superb score keeps the tension high and the film is creepy from start to finish. Good stuff.