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The Cleansing Hour

2019 / 94m - USA
The Cleansing Hour poster

At first glance, this looked like it was going to be a simple streaming horror. The kind of film that plays off the found footage hype as an excuse to do horror on the cheap. It turned out to be a pretty clever disguise. As the plot thickens, it starts to shine through that director/writer LeVeck is slightly more ambitious.

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Max and Drew are the creators of a streaming show that specializes in exorcisms. Max is the producer, Drew plays a priest hungry for (social) followers. When one of their victims fails to turn up, Max' girlfriend takes her place. When she becomes possessed by a real demon, subscriber counts go through the roof, but Max and Drew find themselves at a loss.

The start of the film is a bit basic, not in the least because the streaming thing is becoming a little overused. But the film more self-conscious than most of its peers and the execution is actually pretty nice. The effects aren't top-notch, even so LeVeck transcends that and delivers a pretty amusing horror flick. Good fun for genre fans.