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2020 / 80m - Poland
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A Polish film about menopause, it sounds like the ideal setup for a grim and sullen arthouse drama, but director Woszek goes for a more fun and joyous vibe. The impeccable and overt styling reminded me a little of Jeunet/Caro's early collaborations, though Woszek does keep a clearer balance between genre and arthouse aesthetics.

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Mary is a devout, lonely woman who just hit her menopause. She works in a little supermarket, where she observes life as it happens around her. The hormonal imbalances that come with the transition unlock new desires inside Mary, and with a little help from her niece, she seems ready to start a new chapter in her life.

From the very first frame, we see accentuated colors and pristine sets, immediately signalling a less realistic approach to the drama. The performances are solid, cinematography and soundtrack work well together and though the theme is not something too close to my heart, the film does an excellent job conveying its message. Woszek does lose it a bit in the final third, other than that this was a pretty cool discovery.