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1998 / 84m - USA
Sci-fi, Mystery
Pi poster

Visually it's starting to show its age, but the soundtrack more than makes up for that. This is still an exemplary film that should appeal to anyone with a taste for the different.

Destined to leave a permanent mark on cinema history and forever a reference for all other Aronofsky films. If you can stomach the tragedy, it's a film you simply cannot skip.


2017 / 121m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Mother! poster

Mother is a film that is minutely tailored to allow for a thorough personal experience, while also covering themes that encompass the whole of humanity.

Black Swan

2010 / 108m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Black Swan poster

Black Swan sees Aronofsky back in good shape. Opinions differ, but I'm glad he left the gritty dramas alone and went back to more familiar territory.

The Fountain

2006 / 96m - USA
Sci-fi, Romance
The Fountain poster

A stunning and original fable spanning three different eras. At the core of The Fountain lies a very simple dramatic/romantic trigger, but Aronofsky builds an elaborate story around it and succeeds in giving it the necessary visual flair. It's not very subtle, then again Aronofsky's films rarely are. Exceptional film making.

The Whale

2022 / 117m - USA
The Whale poster

Aronofsky keeps it small, but his hand is clearly visible still. The Whale is a condensed drama about a man who let himself go physically and is trying to right some wrongs in the final days of his life. It is set in a single house (and a very small porch), and the drama takes center stage.

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Charlie is an English lit teacher who teaches from his home. He tells his students his camera is broken, but in reality, he is morbidly obese and just doesn't want to show himself to the world. After leaving his wife and daughter for a male student eight years ago, his life fell to pieces and he never managed to recover.

Even though the drama is the primary focus, the film is still pretty visceral. Aronofsky really highlights the physical and mental strain Charlie's body imposes on him, which is a big plus. The middle part felt a little long in the tooth, but the finale was amazing. There are quite a few memorable moments that left a real mark, the performances are great and it really feels like a thing of its own. Another good film by Aronofsky, not quite a personal favorite, but it's a lot better than most other dramas out there.

The Wrestler

2008 / 109m - USA
Drama, Sport
The Wrestler poster


2014 / 138m - USA
Action, Adventure
Noah poster