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Bad Match

2017 / 90m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Bad Match poster

Tinder dates gone wrong. Bad Match is a pretty basic thriller that turns horror in the final third. Don't expect too much in the way of gore or suspense though, the film plays a swift game of "who's the bad guy" and keeps it up until the very end. It exploits the genre clich├ęs rather well, except that the finale is too predictable.

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Harris is a Tinder wizard who thinks he has things figured out. He has devised the perfect formula for getting women to sleep with them, after which he dumps them. That is until he meets Riley. She isn't willing to let him go so easily, and when Harris gets mean, she is eager to get her revenge.

The performances are decent, the characters are certifiable assholes (which fits the brief) and Chirchirillo is smart to leave things uncertain until the very end. The ending could've used some work though, and there isn't quite enough here to make it a truly memorable film, but if you're looking for cute filler, it's a pretty solid choice.