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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

2020 / 122m - USA
Fantasy, Musical
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey poster

A black, steampunk-inspired Christmas musical, that's something I hadn't seen before. Netflix spared no expense bringing director Talbert's dream project to life, and there's quite a lot to be excited about, though I think it could've done without the musical bits. John Legend didn't do a great job there.

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Jeronicus is a famous inventor/toy maker who comes up with the most magical inventions. When he manages to bring a puppet to life, he feels luck is finally smiling down on him. That night his apprentice steals his book of inventions and takes off to build his own toy emporium. Jeronicus is so disappointed he loses the will to invent.

The sets are gorgeous, the animated bits are amazing and the steampunk aesthetic really adds something unique to the film. Performances are decent and the Christmas vibe is quite effective. If only they could've killed the songs (which would've solved the excessive runtime too). Not bad.