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Hell or High Water

2016 / 102m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Hell or High Water poster

A very run-of-the-mill and pedestrian modern western. Two brothers go on a bank robbing spree, two cops take it upon themselves to try and capture them. It's a story we've seen a million times already, so it was up to director Mackenzie to make it special. Instead, he just stuck to conventions.

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There's a little drama to try and justify the robberies, a little action to create something that looks like a finale, but it's mostly just two cops trying to catch two criminals. The Texas setting is drab and unappealing, the characters that inhabit these places are little more than the usual stereotypes.

Visually boring, a fitting but unattractive soundtrack and performances that feel too sullen and heavy for this type of film. It just oozes mediocrity, apart from the performance of Jeff Bridges, which was just ridiculously bad. At least they didn't drag it out too long, but it's a very unmemorable affair that got way more attention than it deserved.