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Alive and kicking


State and Main

2000 / 105m - USA
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House of Games

1987 / 102m - USA
Crime, Thriller
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An 80s thriller that garnered some praise back when it was first released. Looking at it now, it's hard to see what people saw in this film. It felt like a very generic thriller, a poorly produced shelf filler with very little appeal beyond its obvious genre traits. And since I'm not that big on crime/thrillers as a genre, there was very little here to keep me entertained.

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Margaret is a famed psychiatrist, whose book did really well. One day a man approaches her, asking Margaret if she can help him conquer his gambling debts. She accepts and decides to join him on one of his nights out. What she doesn't realize is that it is a setup by some conmen in order to teach Margaret a lesson. But the deceit runs deeper still.

The crooked dialogues seem to be somewhat on purpose, but Crouse handles them particularly badly. Not sure why she was cast as the lead, but she does a terrible job. The styling is also subpar, and for a film about conmen, it's all rather predictable. People with a thing for '80s crime may still get something out of it, but this relic clearly wasn't for me.