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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion poster

A pretty silly 90s comedy. It's a film with some cult appeal, though I have to admit that I never heard about it before. It's certainly very 90s, so it's no surprise at all that talk about a possible sequel is doing the rounds. Not sure if that's such a good idea, as the core appeal of the film is really tied to its era of release.

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Romy and Michele are best friends. They had a pretty good childhood, and they're having lots of fun together. When they hear there's a school reunion, they start reminiscing about their past, and they wonder if other people really liked them back then. Their lives aren't all that special either, and they never accomplished much, so they make up a background story to appear more successful.

Sorvino is fun, Kudrow has a rather hard time detaching Michele from her character in Friends. The jokes are pretty hit-and-miss and the US 90s pop scene isn't really worth revisiting, but the comedy offers lighthearted fun throughout and the pacing is pleasant. Not great, not terrible.