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Hard Candy

2005 / 104m - USA
Hard Candy poster

Still exactly as uncomfortable as the first time I watched it. Hardy Candy serves a not so subtle cat and mouse game between two hardened predators. With just two actors and a limited location, Slade pulls out all the stops to keep the film interesting, and succeeds with flying colors. A superb thriller.

David Slade's vampire chiller is poised to become a future horror classic. Though reactions were a little timid upon its original release, 30 Days of Night has garnered a solid cult following in the subsequent years and watching it again now, the film has lost none of its appeal. The setting is superb, performances are solid, the styling is impeccable, and the film is tense from start to finish. While the finale doesn't feel quite as spectacular as it could've been, the film oozes quality and left me even more impressed than the first time I watched it.

Nightmare Cinema poster

Nightmare Cinema serves a prime selection of horror directors, but none of them were able to deliver their best work. Still, there's enough variety to keep things interesting and there are no stinkers either. Like most anthologies, the sum is bigger than its parts and if you're a horror fan, this film should have enough to keep you entertained.


2017 / 41m - UK
Sci-fi, Thriller
Metalhead poster

Easily the best of the Black Mirror shorts. Finally a film that strives for some kind of cinematic prowess. The black and white visuals are striking, the camera work isn't quite on point, neither is the editing, but at least there's something to see here. The ending isn't all that great either, but the bits with the robots are pretty kick-ass.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

2010 / 124m - USA
Romance, Fantasy
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster


2018 / 90m - UK
Sci-fi, Mystery
Bandersnatch poster

Not sure if it was the concept or the execution, but this was absolutely grating and excruciating. An endless sequence of boring and uninteresting choices, a lame framework that never grabbed my attention and a TV quality finish that was hardly flattering. If this is the template for interactive narrative entertainment, please count me out.