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An Impossibly Small Object

2018 / 100m - The Netherlands
An Impossibly Small Object poster

This was only my first Verbeek. Though I've been aware of his work for some time now, I've never really gotten around to watching his films. An Impossibly Small Object gave me pretty much what I expected from it, it's a film with potential and some lovely moments, but a bit too contrived to be truly mesmerizing.

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Verbeek plays himself, a photographer who travels to Taiwan and becomes fascinated by a photograph of a young girl with a kite. He has trouble putting his attraction to the picture in words. When he travels back to The Netherlands, his family, friends and fund donors aren't really on the same page about his art either.

Verbeek's style is somewhat fleeting and drifting, which in itself isn't a problem. I don't think the soundtrack and visuals are quite there to make it work though. It probably wasn't the best choice to cast himself as the lead either, but at its best the film is atmospheric and mysterious. It's a shame these moments are just a bit too sparse.