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The Estate

2022 / 96m - USA
The Estate poster

A solid comedy. The Estate isn't the most original film, and once the setup is clear there aren't too many surprises left. Except maybe the lack of comedy-ruining drama in the second half of the film. Craig keeps a strong focus on the comedy, which makes a big difference overall.

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When aunt Hilda is diagnosed with cancer, her nieces and nephews hope to inherit Hilda's estate. She never really got along with her family, but suddenly she finds herself surrounded by concerned family members. They all try to make a good impression, only not all of their plans are well thought out.

Duchovny is the real star here, but the rest of the cast is decent too. There are some good jokes, the comedy is pretty consistent and the pacing is on point. The ending (both in fact) is a bit too predictable and Craig could've taken things a little further even, but with so few comedies around, I'm not complaining.

Love Wedding Repeat

2020 / 100m - UK
Comedy, Romance
Love Wedding Repeat poster

A pleasant rom-com. Dean Craig had already proven himself a capable writer, as a director he has a bit more control over the comedy, which results in a slightly funnier film. He likes to stick to proven formulas though, and so you have to look past the usual rom-com clich├ęs to fully enjoy this one.

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Jack's sister is finally marrying, and Jack has the sole mission to make sure her wedding goes flawlessly. But things quickly spiral out of control when a stalker suddenly appears and Jack is too occupied trying to woo a lost love. Everything comes down to a single seating arrangement, one that is bound to determine the fate of everyone attending the wedding.

The jokes are pretty basic, but the actors do a solid job and Craig finds a nice balance between wit and crassness. The location is perfect, the pacing is solid and the cringe factor is appropriate. Not the best comedy in the world, but if you're looking for decent rom-com filler, it does the job.