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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

2021 / 90m - USA
Comedy - Animation
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On poster

An A24 animation. Though revered by some as a beacon of originality, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On was exactly the film I expected it to be. It's quirky, charming, and somewhat novel, but also very predictable, lacking punch, and rather daft in its messaging. Think Apple and coffee shops, that should give you a good idea of the vibe the film is going for.

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Marcel is a lonely shell. After his humans had a big fight, they left the house behind and one of them took Marcel's family with them. Now he lives alone with his grandmother. When a documentary maker moves in and discovers Marcel, he decides to shoot a film about him. In no time, Marcel becomes an overnight internet sensation.

The animation is decent, the character designs are cute, and the integration with the live-action shots is seamless. The voice acting is horrendous though, the plot rather dull and the glossy feel a tad too sentimental. There are lots of smart ideas and cute moments, but I never really cared for Marcel and his adventures.