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The inoffensive

Red 2

2013 / 116m - USA
Action, Comedy
Red 2 poster

Dubious filler

Fun with Dick and Jane

2005 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Fun with Dick and Jane poster

A simple remake that relies just a little too much on Carrey's star power. The plot isn't great, the jokes are somewhat underwhelming and it's all very predictable. At least the film remains light-hearted from start to finish and is short enough not to become boring. Far from Carrey's best work, but decent filler if you're short on comedies.

Big nopes

Galaxy Quest

1999 / 102m - USA
Comedy, Sci-fi
Galaxy Quest poster

Spectacularly unfunny. I'm not a big Star Trek fan, nor do I particularly like nerd/fanboy culture, so a good parody on these things should be right up my alley. Emphasis on "good", as this was nothing more than a lazy, cheap and predictable attempt to have a little fun at the genre's expense.

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Nesmith and his crew still frequent comic fairs, almost 20 years after their hit series disappeared from TV. Though they still have fans, nobody takes them seriously anymore. Until they're summonsed by actual aliens who think their show was the real thing. Suddenly they find themselves in the midst of a real space war.

Performances are bland, the sets and effects look cheap, the comedy is very predictable and lacks the edge of a good parody. I'm pretty sure US TV sci-fi fans will find something to laugh at here as in the end it's more and ode than a parody, I'm just glad they never bothered to make a sequel.