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Winter's Bone

2010 / 100m - USA
Drama, Crime
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A somewhat basic and predictable blend of drama and crime, but because of Granik's dedication to style and story it does end up a pretty decent film. The rough and inhospitable setting is perfect for this type of story, and even though it starts off rather slow, the film never lost my attention.

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Ree has been given the care of her two younger siblings and her sick mother. Her father is out doing some shady business, but doesn't seem to be coming back this time. When the money runs out and there's a chance they'll be evicted, Ree sets out to find her dad, but wherever she goes she is met with defiance and indifference.

The muted color palette adds to the dramatic tension, performances are fine and the slow unraveling of the mystery was aptly paced. The film isn't exactly subtle though and even though the intrigue is there, Granik never takes it anywhere surprising or truly exciting. Solid genre work, but nothing more.