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1955 / 90m - USA
Drama, Romance
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The biggest accomplishment of this classic feel-good drama was winning the Cannes festival. I'm not sure how the festival started out, but I found this film to be surprisingly simple, schmaltzy even. Certainly not the type of arthouse drama that is celebrated in Cannes nowadays. That was something of a relief.

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Marty is a good guy, but not very attractive. He still lives with his mom, with no outlook on a future relationship. That changes when he meets Clara, a demure teacher who finds herself in a very similar situation as Marty. The two are definitely attracted to each other, but their lack of experience with dating poses some challenges.

No doubt a story that is going to appeal to cinephiles. Performances are decent, but the plot's a little simple and the characters are quite over the top. The drama is also a little too predictable, but the pacing is decent, there are some charming moments and the ending is on point. Not as bad as I'd feared.