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2016 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Drama
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Demetri Martin made a film and it turned out to be exactly the way I imagined a Demetri Martin film would turn out. A hipster dramady with minor romance elements, an indie/singer-songwriter soundtrack, some tragic comedy and light drama and an array of quirky side characters. Check them checkboxes.

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Dean is a film about dealing with loss. Dean's mom died a year ago, but he and his father are still finding ways to cope with this new reality. To avoid selling his parents' house, a deal his father is trying to push through, Dean takes a little trip to LA where he meets the fun and joyous Nicky.

It's all very predictable and it felt like I'd seen this film many times before, but all things said and done Martin did a pretty solid job acting, writing and directing his first feature film. It's not going to blow away anyone but the biggest indie/dramady fans, but it's solid and pleasant filler, which definitely counts for something. Decent fun.