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Womb Ghosts

Ngok Toi
2010 / 88m - Hong Kong
Horror -
Womb Ghosts poster

Even though I've had my fill of Asian ghosts, Womb Ghost manages to do so many things right that I was actually able to enjoy the thrills of the genre once again. I can only complement Law for that.

Fatal Move

Duo Shuai
2008 / 117m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action, Crime -
Fatal Move poster

Very amusing Triad film. A mix of gun action, martial arts and Triad drama, in Law's typical no-nonsense style of directing. Law isn't the greatest director, but he knows how to make an entertaining genre film. It's a bit more extreme than most of its peers, hence the Cat III rating, but apart from that it's pure genre material.

Fatal Contact

Hak Kuen
2006 / 110m - Hong Kong
Action -
Fatal Contact poster

Bad Blood

Mit Moon
2010 / 91m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller -
Bad Blood poster

Vampire Warriors

Jiang Shi Xin Zhan Shi
2010 / 100m - Hong Kong
Action -
Vampire Warriors poster

The Constable

Chung Fung Jin Ging
2013 / 96m - Hong Kong
Drama, Thriller -
The Constable poster

Nights of a Shemale: A Mad Man Trilogy 1/3

2020 / 101m - Hong Kong
Drama, Crime -
Nights of a Shemale: A Mad Man Trilogy 1/3 poster

Dennis Law does Herman Yau, but even more openly. The crime elements are solid, sadly the drama doesn't really work. Rather poor performances and a lack of clear focus really drag the first half of the film down. Things get a little better during the second half, but not so much as to save the film.