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Alive and kicking



2020 / 90m - USA
Unhinged poster

A modern day Falling Down. I expected very little from this film, yet it turned out to be pretty damn good. I didn't watch any trailers up front, nor did I read up on the plot, but based on the promo material it looked like a plain thriller. In this dire COVID-19 times, choice is limited, so we went for it anyway.

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Russell Crowe plays a guy on the brink of insanity. After his wife left and divorced him, the only thing on his mind is revenge. When Rachel and her son Kyle tick him off while driving, he decides to teach the two of them a lesson. With nothing more to live for, his reaction gets pretty extreme.

I usually dislike Crowe, then again I don't think I've ever seen him play the bad guy. He's quite impressive here. The film is simple, but the build-up is solid, the violence is brutal and there were quite a few scenes that pushed me to the edge of my seat (the car chases mostly). Director Borte also seems very comfortable with this genre. This is pure blockbuster material, but perfectly executed.

The Joneses

2009 / 96m - USA
Drama, Comedy
The Joneses poster