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2020 / 106m - USA
Honeydew poster

Delightfully off-kilter. Honeydew isn't a traditional horror flick. There is a tiny amount of gore, but nothing that will please the true gorehounds. Furthermore, the film's not very tense of scary. Instead, you get awkwardness, discomfort and perversion. Oh, and a director who knows very well what he's going for.

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The plot is as simple as can be. A couple's car breaks down, they go to the nearest house where they get help from some local nut jobs. It's clear from the start that the sweet old lady is one sandwich short of a picnic, but the true extent of her deranged behavior won't be revealed until the very end.

I generally like these crazy family type horror film and Milburn's direction is perfect. A uneasy soundtrack, smart framing (he pulls the same trick - where someone is in the room but is kept out of frame until later in the scene - several times, but it's always effective) and stellar performances make this a real treat. The only problem is that the runtime's a bit too long, with a handful of scenes stretched just beyond their breaking point. But Milburn shows promise, fingers crossed his first film won't be his last.