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2019 / 121m - UK
Music, Musical
Rocketman poster

A decent biography that doesn't restrict itself to telling the classic rise & fall story of a pop star. Instead Fletcher tries to inject the essence of Elton John into the texture of the film. The musical-inspired scenes are definitely helpful, Egerton's larger than life performance isn't too shabby either. Rocketman is an enjoyable film, even for people who aren't fans of Elton John's music.

Eddie the Eagle

2015 / 106m - UK
Comedy, Sport
Eddie the Eagle poster

A film that suits its protagonist. Fun, endearing and likeable, but also a little simple and limited. Fletcher, Egerton and Jackman make the best of it. The director is fresh and upbeat, the film never gets too dramatic and Egerton's performance is a little over the top, but never a true caricature. It's a fun diversion, especially on a hot summer night.