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The Possession of Hannah Grace

2018 / 86m - USA
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
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A good companion piece for The Autopsy of Jane Doe. It's hardly original, but all the horror cues are meticulously and effectively executed. The setting is amazing, the acting is solid and Kirby Johnson resembles a female Javier Botet. After a mediocre start, the film works itself up towards a great finale.


2012 / 90m - The Netherlands
Taped poster

A pretty decent thriller about a married couple lost in a foreign country. It's an easy and familiar setup for a thriller, but it's nice to see The Netherlands put some actual effort into making bona fide genre films. Taped turned out pretty okay, though it lacks the touch of a gifted director to make it into something more.

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Johan and Saar are having marital problems. They plan a holiday to Argentina to rekindle their love, but their trip takes a different direction when they accidentally videotape a policeman killing a man in cold blood. They run away from the scene of the crime, but the police is right on their tail.

I think van Rooijen spends a bit too much time on the marital drama, which adds absolutely nothing to the film. It was also weird to realize that the final scene was shot on an airport in Belgium rather than Argentina, but otherwise this was a pretty tense, well-paced film that doesn't overstay its welcome. Not bad.