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Worthy but flawed

Crazy Love

1987 / 90m - Belgium
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For the longest time, Belgian cinema was mostly a collection of book adaptations. Films that took popular novels and converted them to the screen, with as little directorial freedom as possible. Crazy Love sees Deruddere make more of an effort, though the result still feels a bit underwhelming.

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The plot is pretty light, the main focus rests on a couple of guys wanting to score with the ladies. Harry is a young boy exploring his budding sexuality, Stan helps him out by teaching him a thing or two. When he is older, Harry suffers from extreme acne, making it very hard to find a girl willing to go out with him.

The setting is pretty pedestrian and the coming of age elements aren't exactly the most original. Deruddere's direction is a tad more playful than usual, but it's hardly remarkable, and the second half (after the time jump) simply doesn't work as well. Not the worst Belgian classic, but still too close to the type of film that deterred me from watching Belgian cinema.