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Escape from Alcatraz

1979 / 112m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Escape from Alcatraz poster

Dirty Harry

1971 / 102m - USA
Action, Thriller
Dirty Harry poster

A police thriller that's just a little too basic. Not a big Eastwood fan and the dreary 70s cinematography doesn't do the film any favors, but the action scenes are solid and the plot is entertaining enough. Should've been a bit shorter, a better lead actor definitely would've helped, but it wasn't all that terrible either.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

1956 / 80m - USA
Horror, Sci-fi
Invasion of the Body Snatchers poster

The original Body Snatchers is a rather simple and functional horror film. It's not very moody or scary, instead many things are dryly told and expressed. Apart from the soundtrack maybe, though volume seems to be its main weapon in a failed attempt to be engaging. There's not all that much to like here, unless you really dig classic horror fare.