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2015 / 94m - Israel
Jeruzalem poster

A Google Glass inspired found footage horror. I'm actually surprised they didn't make more of those, then again Glass never really took off. It's a perfect match for this type of film though, as the footage feels a bit more natural (for the most part at least, a lot of the digital interference was clearly added for cinematic reasons).

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Rachel and Sarah are going on a vacation to Tel Aviv. They make a new friend on the plane and decide to follow him to Jerusalem. Once there they want to stick around for Jom Kippoer, what they don't know is that all hell is about to break loose. Quite literally, as the end of the world is nigh.

The intro is a bit long and the CG can get a little flaky, but the basic idea is quite cool, I'm rather partial to the found footage niche and the ending is pretty damn awesome. Once the chaos starts (about halfway through), the strict pacing and solid build-up of tension really make this into a fun ride. A neat little surprise.

The Golem

2018 / 95m - Israel
The Golem poster

Small horror film built around the golem, a well-known but not so much popular horror creature. While this is a decently made film with enough intruiging elements, the horror itself is rather sparse and the drama in between is slow and ineffective. This film should've had a bit more bite, should've been a bit darker, but alas.