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Loving Vincent

2017 / 94m - Poland
Mystery - Animation
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A very ambitious project that struggles to deliver. The art style is impressive though. The individual frames are beautifully painted, making for a very unique look. The animation on the other hand is disappointing. The rotoscoping is way too obvious and regularly clashes with the rawer style of painting.

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The film has other issues too. It's puzzling that an art film set in France is played by British actors, you'd think the target group of this film would be able to handle subtitles and would appreciate a more truthful setting. The choice to turn this into a murder mystery is also rather strange and adds very little.

It makes Loving Vincent a somewhat dull and lifeless affair. The plot fails to find its footing, the animation is a little jarring and the pacing is bumpy. The art style kept me interested, which is fine for a 90-minute film, but this could've been so much better.