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How I Became a Super Hero

Comment Je Suis Devenu Super-héros
2020 / 97m - France
Fantasy, Crime
How I Became a Super Hero poster

An interesting take on the superhero genre. That's not too difficult, considering everyone is simply trying to mimic Marvel and/or DC, but it's at least somewhat refreshing to see there are still people willing to make an effort. I don't think the potential was used to its fullest here, but it was a pleasant enough film.

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Superheroes are part of everyday society, things get hairier when a gang leader finds a way to milk the powers of superheroes, selling the extracts on the street to minors. A detective and his new partner are put on the case, they know some superheroes from back in the day who might be willing to help out.

The police procedural elements are a bit dry and the film has some pacing issues. The mix of fantasy, crime and light comedy is interesting though, Poelvoorde is a delight and the special effects are pretty decent for a low-to-mid budget film of this caliber. A fun genre bender for people who are tired of the familiar superheroes.