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Silent Running

1972 / 89m - USA
Silent Running poster

A sci-fi that combines cheese with a clear environmental message. The result isn't quite as serious as the director hoped it would/could be and the slow pacing isn't all that appropriate, but the film has a few memorable moments and elements that make it worth a watch.

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Freeman is a biologist who takes care of the gardens on a spaceship. The Earth has lost all its biodiversity and the plants on the ship are all that remain. When word arrives that the ship has to convert in a commercial vessel and the gardens have to go, Freeman takes matters into his own hands.

Dern isn't good enough for the part he has to play, the spaceship looks quite fake, the characters are pretty dumb and the soundtrack is hilariously bad, but the two drones are fun enough, and it's quite nice to see an older sci-fi that takes the space stuff serious. I just wish they'd done a better job.