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Alive and kicking
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2015 / 101m - USA
Romance, Sci-fi
Equals poster

Halfway through the film, a character utters "if this is (what emotions are about), I'd rather feel nothing". Doremus' sci-fi romance explores humanity's fear to break loose of the status quo through a lovingly shot, perfectly scored and strongly acted parable. Easily the best film he's directed so far.


2018 / 104m - USA
Romance, Sci-fi
Zoe poster

Romance and sci-fi are rarely a good combination, but Drake Doremus is clearly gifted, and he succeeds where many have failed before. Zoe is above all a wonderful romantic drama, but with some thoughtful sci-fi themes embedded and presented with the proper flair. Both smart and touching, a rarity indeed.


2017 / 117m - USA
Drama, Romance
Newness poster

Modern romance about two cellphone-wielding twenty somethings. Aptly and beautifully styled, well-acted and scored appropriately. The first hour is superb, the second hour is a bit more conventional. Drake Doremus is one to watch though, a modern voice in a slow-moving artform.

Like Crazy

2011 / 86m - USA
Drama, Romance
Like Crazy poster

Slightly older Doremus film. It's a little less refined, a little less headstrong, but the base quality is already present. Romance through body language and subtle gestures, rather than sweeping sentiment. Jones and Yelchin are perfect, their perils unjust and disheartening. A very nice film indeed, but Doremus would get better still.

Endings, Beginnings

2019 / 110m - USA
Romance, Drama
Endings, Beginnings poster

Not the best Doremus. His style is as dreamy and captivating as ever, but the characters and the story didn't really grab me this time around. It's just little details that make the difference, but the romance lacked sparks and the actors failed to make a big impression, leaving all the hard work to Doremus.