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Hotel Artemis

2018 / 94m - UK
Crime, Sci-fi
Hotel Artemis poster

A fun little surprise. I expected a cheap John Wick rip-off, what I got was a small but clever and well executed genre flick, combining crime with action and sci-fi elements to create something rather unique and distinctive. It's not a film that's going to make it big, so make sure you catch it as quickly as you can.

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Hotel Artemis is a place where criminals go when they are wounded. The nurse there takes care of them, but only when they're members and they keep to the rules of the hotel. The city is rioting that night and the rooms are filling up fast. When the guests are starting to misbehave, chaos ensues.

The actors do a pretty good job. Foster in particular delivers a remarkable performance, but Boutella and Bautista are also noteworthy. The cinematography is stylish, the sets look great and the story is pretty intriguing. It's lacks that little extra something to really set it apart, but other than that director Pearce left quite the calling card.