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Who Invited Them

2022 / 81m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Who Invited Them poster

A pretty decent mix of horror and thriller elements, but a bit too predictable to make a really big impact. The title says it all, and from the moment you see "them", it is pretty obvious where the film is heading. Birmingham was also a little too eager to spoil the ending, which somewhat killed the tension during the second half.

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Adam and Margo just moved into their new, fancy house. They throw a little housewarming party, but their guests aren't too eager to see them show off their new house. Except for a couple who nobody seems to know. When everybody has gone home, they are the only two staying around.

The performances are decent, the mystery is solid (at least, during the first half of the film) and the mind games are pretty evil, though they never really push the limits. This was pretty decent horror/thriller filler, a film that doesn't overstay its welcome and delivers on its premise, but never even tries to go beyond.