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Alive and kicking
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2019 / 90m - USA
Horror, Fantasy
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Interesting mix of horror and fantasy that takes an all too familiar horror niche and sprinkles it with some creative lore. While the result isn't something entirely novel, the new additions were enough to make me doubt the direction and outcome of the film. And that's a rare feat for any horror film nowadays.

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The cast is solid, but not perfect. Neither are the visuals, which is probably the main reason why I didn't rate this even higher. While it looks decent enough, it lacks the polish and detail to be a true stand-out. The score on the other hand was impressive. Not the most subtle, but very leading and instrumental in dictating the atmosphere.

Not everything works, but for a film that tries to bring something new to the table that's easily forgiven. The first half hour is the weakest, after that everything slowly falls into place and the finale is pretty spot on. A fresh, entertaining, intruiging and pretty twisted horror flick. Liked this one a lot.