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Alive and kicking



2019 / 83m - Malaysia
Horror, Mystery
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A Malaysian horror film that paid close attention to what its Indonesian neighbors have been doing this past decade. There is some local folklore that helps to set it apart, but unless you're familiar enough with the differences between both countries I don't think many people would notice.

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A family lives deep inside the forest, away from civilization. The mother lives there together with her two kids, the father of the family is dead. One day, they wake up to a young girl sitting on their doorstep. She delivers a gruesome prophecy, then kills herself. Soon after, an old man appears, looking for the young girl.

The setup is basic and director Ezwan isn't too interested in a fully detailed explanation of the (folk)lore. This is a show-don't-tell type of horror film that thrives on atmosphere. The build-up of dread and tension is excellent, it's just a shame that the location remains a little underused. A good horror film, not a great one.