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Immortel (ad Vitam)
2004 / 103m - France
Sci-fi, Thriller
Immortals poster

Tykho Moon

1996 / 102m - France
Tykho Moon poster

A rather disappointing rewatch. I remembered this film as a bit more stylized, and sporting more outspoken sci-fi elements. Instead, the dystopian future looks rather cheap and evasive. It's still a very particular and unique film, but it's not what you'd want from an Enki Bilal adaptation.

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The McBee family runs a colony, but they suffer from a strange affliction that threatens to kill them. They identified a donor, Tykho Moon, who could save them, but he died in a fire. There are rumors that Tykho is still alive though, so they keep searching for him, even though assassins are after them.

The cinematography is a little dim, the world-building is minimal and there are rather strong noir elements that didn't really suit me. The premise is fun though and the styling is still a step up from usual genre fare. The film doesn't outstay its welcome and there are a few memorable moments, I just remembered it to be quite a bit better.