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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

2022 / 108m - USA
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story poster

Now this is what I call a fun biography. Maybe it's because there's a veritable dearth of comedy films nowadays, but this is a lovely genre parody that still manages to catch the essence of its main character. I'm not a big fan of Yankovic's music or comedy, but this just clicked for me.

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The young Yankovic wants nothing more than to make parody songs. His parents don't consider this a good career path, and they forbid him from chasing his dreams. But once in college Al can't be stopped, and within no time he becomes an international sensation, the biggest pop idol the world has ever seen.

Radcliffe is great, the complete reversal of reality is a smart take on the genre and the supporting roles are solid. It's nice to see the film go full-on over-the-top during the second half too, right when things were getting just a little too predictable. A funny comedy, you don't see those around too often nowadays.