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Journey to the Center of the Earth

2008 / 93m - USA
Adventure, Fantasy
Journey to the Center of the Earth poster

This must be one of the cheapest looking blockbusters out there. It's mind-boggling this film was made in 2008, it looks like a cheaper blockbuster from the early 90s. Maybe it's not so bad if you're watching this with your kids, otherwise I'd suggest staying away from it, unless you're a huge adventure addict.

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When a scientist uncle is watching over his nephew, he makes a big scientific discovery. They travel to Iceland, chasing Jules Verne's famous fantasy novel. Once there, they soon begin to suspect that Verne's book might be more than just a novelist's imagination, so they take a guide to bring them to the infamous volcano described in the book.

There are some positives, like the pacing and the short runtime. But that doesn't amount to much when the rest of the film is depressingly bad. The performances are dire, the CG is atrocious and none of the sets make sense or inspire awe. Not a film I'll remember for long (I hope).