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Despicable Me 3

2017 / 89m - USA
Comedy - Animation
Despicable Me 3 poster

The third (and let's hope final) entry in the Despicable Me franchise. A perfectly predictable cash-in that adds nothing substantial to the previous films, but managed to draw in the crowd based on reputation alone. Can't say I enjoyed it much, even when my expectations were pretty low to begin with.

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As if there weren't enough irritating characters, this third entry introduces Gru's brother. A more fun and carefree version of Gru, because that's the kind of weak characterization films like these hope to get away with. Together they plan one final heist, one that won't go quite as planned.

Like most of these films, my main issue lies with the comedy, which is bland and irritating. Annoying characters, horrible puns, predictable gags, everything feels just completely lazy. The animation is competent, but the art style is ugly and the soundtrack a disaster. At least the film is so unmemorable that I'll have forgotten all about it by tomorrow. Generic nonsense.