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2000 / 82m - USA
Adventure - Animation
Dinosaur poster

Less a film, more a CG spectacle that was banking on the 90s popularity of dinosaurs. There are shimmers of a plot, with some obvious morality lessons thrown in for goof measure, but ultimately we're just meant to ogle at the astounding realism of the dinosaurs. Twenty years down the line, it just isn't all that spectacular anymore.

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Aladar is a dinosaur adopted by a group of lemurs. They find his egg on their island and decide to raise him as one of their own. Aladar lives a good life, but then a meteor shower hits Earth and destroys their home. They're forced to look elsewhere for a place to live, which marks the start of a long and perilous trip that will require much sacrifice.

Dinosaur is all tech, no aesthetic. Twenty years down the line that means that visually, it's a very unattractive film. The story isn't much to look at either, the characters are pretty annoying and Disney's magical life lessons are best soon forgotten. At least the film is pretty compact, that's about the only positive here really.