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The Leech

2022 / 82m - USA
The Leech poster

A film that reveals pretty much all of its secrets in the first five minutes. From there on out, it's just seeing it pan out the way you expected it to. That's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, when done well it can create a lot of extra tension. Pennycoff's direction isn't quite up to the task though.

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David is the priest of a dwindling community. When a homeless guy ends up outside of his church, he decides to help the guy. A few days later his girlfriend arrives, and soon enough they start to take over David's home. Torn between his fate and his patience, he decides firm action is needed to save this couple.

The performances aren't too bad and the film does manage to crawl under your skin from time to time, but the bland cinematography and a disappointing soundtrack are mood killers. There are no real surprises either and the ending isn't quite as mad as the director probably envisioned it to be. Decent filler, but this could've been a lot better.