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My Night at Maud's

Ma Nuit chez Maud
1969 / 105m - France
Drama, Romance
My Night at Maud's poster

A very, very, very talkative film. The looseness of the Nouvelle Vague is there, but Rohmer spends way too much time on endless conversation that range from mundane and boring to forced and uninteresting. It would've been a lot nice if the characters hadn't been stuck in endless conversations.

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Jean-Louis is a Catholic man with rigid principles. Apart from a small fling when he was younger, he believes in finding the right one putting his sex life on hold until marriage. Those ideals are about to be challenged by Maud, a young and outgoing divorcee. The two end up spending the night together, and slowly Jean-Louis' outlook on life changes.

The performances are pretty decent, but that's about it really. The cinematography is very dull, the conversations feel like they're never going to stop, the pacing is sluggish and runtime too long. I like my Nouvelle Vague films with a bit more spirit and joy de vivre I guess, this wasn't for me.