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Belgium - 51 years old
Alive and kicking
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2008 / 96m - Belgium
Drama, Horror
Vinyan poster

Vinyan will stay with you. It's an experience not easily forgotten, tailored to perfection by Du Welz and his team. It's brooding, intense and filled with individuality.


The Ordeal
2004 / 88m - Belgium
Horror, Comedy
Calvaire poster

It's beautifully shot, consciously directed and perfectly acted, serving twisted hinterland horror with a dark and nasty comedy edge. And it's all executed to perfection.


2014 / 93m - Belgium
Alleluia poster

Even though it never becomes as extreme or over-the-top as other films, there's a tangible darkness that leaves the kind of deep and strong impression most horror films can only dream of.


2019 / 100m - Belgium
Thriller, Mystery
Adoration poster

Quite ominous, slightly fantastical, somewhat dramatic. Fabrice du Welz' latest films is a lot of things, even then it's quite hard to qualify and slap a few labels on it. Not that it matters when the result is this impressive of course. Beautifully stylized, wonderfully acted and sporting a perfect ending, this is another du Welz classic.


2021 / 98m - Belgium
Inexorable poster

The latest thriller from Fabrice du Welz exudes confidence. Inexorable is a pretty simple film that in no way tries to reinvent the genre. Instead, du Welz delivers a core genre film that relies purely on execution to make an impact. And he pulls it off. It would've been easy to add a little extra mystery to the story, but what we get is an excellent cast, a thrilling soundtrack, and polished cinematography. That's all you need to put people on the edge of their seats, and that's exactly what Inexorable accomplishes.

Colt 45

2014 / 85m - France
Action, Crime
Colt 45 poster