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Some Like It Rare

2021 / 87m - France
Comedy, Horror
Some Like It Rare poster

Comedy first, horror second, but I didn't really mind. It's been a while since I've seen a real smirk-worthy comedy and Some Like It Rare certainly delivered. Quite bold, pretty silly, often goofy, and with a pitch-black edge, it's the type of humor that is right up my alley, though it might not travel particularly well.

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A struggling butcher's couple takes their revenge on a vegan after he destroys their shop. Uncertain about what to do with the body, his meat ends up in the shop, and people love it. So much in fact that their business begins to flourish again. The only problem is that they need fresh meat to keep the customers happy.

The premise is reminiscent of Delicatessen, but the execution is quite different. There are more contemporary themes and the fantasy elements are replaced with more direct horror moments. The performances are great, the comedy is fun, the horror relatively brutal and the runtime just perfect. Lovely filler.