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The Sweet Life

La Dolce Vita
1960 / 174m - Italy
Drama, Comedy
The Sweet Life poster

The film is way too long and fails to be consistently interesting, but there are some moments that stand out. My fourth Fellini and the first one that could at least capture my attention, if not for the entire running time. There's a certain joy and vibrancy that brings some life to the party, but overall it's too noisy, too talkative and too one-sided.


1973 / 123m - Italy
Comedy, Drama
Amarcord poster

This was vintage Fellini. I've seen quite a few of his films over the years and even though we haven't gotten along very well, I do have to compliment Fellini on crafting a very unique and recognizable style. Amarcord is everything I expected it to be, for better or for worse. In my case, that's very much for worse.

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On paper, I could've been a fan of his work. It's bustling, dynamic, lively and colorful. Fellini pays attention to the cinematography and cooks ups films that feel very deliberate, very cohesive (in tone at least) and complex. These are all things I appreciate, but the reality is that I find his films extremely ugly and I simply cannot stand the characters.

It's like joining a family gathering you didn't want to attend in the first place. People are exuberant, loud and jolly, everyone seems to be having a good time, but the more fun they're having, the more irritated you get. And that lasts for about 2 hours, which is at least shorter than most family gatherings I have to attend. Not my cup of tea.

Otto e Mezzo
1963 / 138m - Italy
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The Nights of Cabiria

Le Notti di Cabiria
1957 / 110m - Italy
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Film that lives or dies by the audience's appreciation of Masina. I don't stomach the overacting and extreme volumes of classic Italian cinema all that well, so this really didn't do it for me. I'm afraid this goes for most Fellini films I've seen so far, Nights of Cabiria didn't do anything to change that.

Fellini - Satyricon

1969 / 129m - Italy
Drama, Fantasy
Fellini - Satyricon poster

La Strada

1954 / 108m - Italy
La Strada poster