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Project Gutenberg

Mou Seung
2018 / 130m - Hong Kong
Thriller, Crime
Project Gutenberg poster

Classic HK police thriller about a gang of counterfeiters. There are some explosive action scenes, some twists and turns and a lot of criminal appeal. The cast does a good job, the film looks stylish and though somewhat long, the pacing is fine. Nothing spectacular, but rock solid genre cinema.

Overheard 3

Sit Ting Fung Wan 3
2014 / 131m - Hong Kong
Thriller, Crime
Overheard 3 poster

A very solid sequel that offers a nice blend of financial thriller elements, surveillance police antics and some kick-ass action scenes. Add a bunch of famous Hong Kong actors and a lofty budget and you have a film that may not be all that original, but delivers on its premise. Prime big-budget entertainment done well.

The Silent War

Ting Feng Zhe
2012 / 120m - Hong Kong
Thriller, Crime
The Silent War poster

Overheard 2

Sit Yan Fung Wan 2
2011 / 121m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Overheard 2 poster

The Lost Bladesman

Guan Yun Chang
2011 / 109m - China
The Lost Bladesman poster


Sit Ting Fung Wan
2009 / 100m - Hong Kong
Thriller, Crime
Overheard poster

Once a Gangster

Fei Saa Fung Chung Chun
2010 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
Once a Gangster poster

Felix Chong's Triad parody, not really what I was expecting going in. It's fun to see Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan in Y&D-like parts, the Internal Affairs running gag is funny, but all too often the film comes off too serious, which makes for a somewhat jarring mix of comedy and straight-faced crime cinema. The result is a bit half-arsed, but at least there were some fun bits.

Moonlight in Tokyo

Ching Yi Ngor Sum Gi
2005 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Moonlight in Tokyo poster

Lady Cop & Papa Crook

Daai Sau Cha Ji Neui
2008 / 92m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Lady Cop & Papa Crook poster