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The Passenger

La Pasajera
2021 / 90m - Spain
Horror, Comedy
The Passenger poster

A fun, little horror/comedy, that delivers its punchlines with a pleasant smirk. The Passenger isn't doing anything new, but it is aware of its limitations and it exploits little details to make the film more distinct. It's a very smart solution to make a core genre film that doesn't immediately blend in with all the others.

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Blasco is a driver who takes people on joint trips. He owns a little minivan and loves a good chat, but the people making use of his services aren't too eager to join in. When Blasco discovers a crash site of a UFO one night, he and his passengers are in for a crazy ride, with a mad alien on the loose.

The Spanish folk soundtrack, Blasco's bullfighter background, the slightly larger-than-life characters and the violent alien all add some spice to the mix. The effects can appear a little cheap and the comedy can't always mask that, but the pacing is solid, there's plenty of fun to be had and there are some pleasantly gory moments. Good fun.