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The Colony

2015 / 110m - Germany
The Colony poster

A pretty interesting film that takes a real-life tragedy and plasters a fake narrative on top to guide us through. It sounds a little disrespectful to put it that way, then again it's what films often do when they're based on "true events". Gallenberger does a good job though, which is where this film differs from its peers.

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During the 1973 military coup in Chile, a young couple gets mixed up in the events. Daniel is sent off to a prison camp, while Lena follows him and joins the cult that is part of the same camp. The place is governed by a shady old guy who runs the place like a tyrant, getting out is nigh impossible.

Brühl, Watson, and Nyqvist are solid, the setting combining a prison camp and sect is quite powerful and Gallenberger does a good job raising the tension during the final act. The pacing's a little slow and the structure is too predictable to make it an undisputed gem, but I had a pretty good time with this one.