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2020 / 80m - Canada
Hall poster

A simple but fun little take on the infected niche. Mixing zombie elements with the current COVID craze, Hall is a film that tries to make the most of a single location (the title is a dead giveaway). It does a pretty good job too, though the build-up is a tad slow and the payoff could've been a bit more exciting.

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A terrible new variation of the flu is raging through the country. A family is on the run and arrives at a hotel, where they'll stay the night, before moving on the next day. When others on their floor are starting to show symptoms of infection, they'll have to be vigilant if they want to escape from the hotel alive.

There's nothing original here, and the limited scope of the film doesn't leave much room for originality either. But the execution is pretty solid. The build-up is smart, the second half is quite tense and the runtime is economic, so the film doesn't overstay its welcome. Proper genre cinema.